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"The inspiration for us is Thoreau. His cabin was 10 by 15 feet.
We offer a kit that is 12 by 16 feet."

Raoul Hennin
Founder, Bungalow in a Box




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June 2017


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June 2015




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Raoul Hennin has created a niche in regional construction by providing well built, charming, and functional small buildings... Since I’ll be using my panelized small building as a writing and audio recording (radio) studio I stuffed six inches of insulation into the four inch walls to dampen the exterior noise penetration. Everybody who drops by the studio loves the interior space with it’s loft and cathedral ceiling, and all my neighbors comment on the cuteness of its exterior.  The price for the building was fabulous.  Raoul Hennin ...[is]... efficient, attentive and responsive.  I expect to be joyfully working in my studio for years to come.

Peter Panagore
Summer 2007

"It was the simplicity of it. And the fact that the way it's built, it doesn't impact the land like a conventional home. I use it to meditate while I'm on the land. Eventually I'll move onto the land, but I'd like to build a small addition to use as a bedroom. As it is now, I have a sofa bed to sleep on."

Elaine Fougere
Freeport, Maine
Client, Fall 2004

"I have no experience but its small enough to handle. Doing it modularly was easy to follow."

Susan Rozanski
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Student, Fall 2006

"There's me and my girlfriend, just the two of us. From a conservation standpoint, it makes not sense at all to build a home of 4,000 square feet. You can certainly get along with less than a thousand. And by starting small, it serves as an introduction to other housebuilding."

Zig Reders
British Columbia
Student, Fall 2006

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