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Raoul Hennin, founder

Our first official "Panel-Frame" structure sits on an insulated floating slab that we poured after raising the structure.

Pre-fabricated Bungalow components ship in a "Box" Truck.

Raoul and Vicki Hennin founded Montsweag Brook Corporation on the coast of Maine in 1998 to fulfill their creative entrepreneurial dreams. They design, build, and deliver these unique bungalows throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. A Bungalow raising is a quick, weathertight jump-start to a precious living space on a remote mountain top or right in your own back yard!

Raoul and Vicki, married in 1994, quickly set about building their own timber frame, panelized home along with several small buildings for friends and neighbors. By 1996, Raoul had adapted and blended a variety of building methods into a new construction technique. He built the first official "Panel-Framed" structure during the winter of 2001 for a particular client who insisted on a March construction date without even a foundation in place!

Having built authentic timber frame homes for over 30 years, Raoul brings classic timber framing skills to small house design and construction. With a physics degree from Harvard College, he custom designs and engineers each structure for optimal use of materials and space. His Bungalows surprise and delight clients with a substance and scale not found in other kit designs.

Before delivery on site, bungalow components are precisely crafted in the Bungalow Barn. Assembly techniques on-site are quick, efficient and fun. Owners enjoy a celebratory Bungalow raising in one or two days instead of one or two weeks of conventional construction.

Panel-Framing is truly flexible and adaptable to just about any size structure. We have applied Panel-Framing to structures as small as a 5'x12' treehouse and as large as the 42'x48' Bungalow Barn where all our Bungalows are now born. A traditional Bungalow client wants to "build" their own bungalow without the heavy lifting. We create the structural shell, weathertight, and our clients finish to particular tastes.

Panel-Framing builds on the craftsmanship and strength of Timber-Framing. It also takes advantage of the efficiency of modern SIP construction methods and the common-sense of stud framing. Heavy timbers span cathedral ceilings, but no bulky posts intrude on the living space. Prefabricated panels assemble quickly, but are weathertight from day one. And, perhaps best of all, Panel-Frame structures go up with little impact on the site.

We love raising one of our super-efficient, pre-designed, pre-fabricated kits with owners present and engaged in the process. Each bungalow provides opportunity for celebration. Perhaps our favorite challenge is to adapt this method to a custom application, design, or architectural style. Call or email today to set up a free consultation for your project.

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Vicki Hennin, co-founder
Iris and Oscar Hennin, directors

Largest "Panel-Frame"structure to date: 4,400 s.f. Bungalow Barn.

Smallest "Panel-Frame" structure so far: a 60 s.f. treehouse. Note: bucket in the upper window hangs on a pulley that lowers through the trap door to easily procure snacks, books, flashlights, and other special items.
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